How to Choose Between Content Marketing and Link Building

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Torn between two approaches? I know how it feels to be so frustrated and confused about two things — you do not know what is perfect for you, you do not know what is worth spending your time, energy and money on, you do not understand what is going to work best.

I might not understand what your company is all about; I don’t know what your short and long-term targets, but I know precisely what you require. You will need a better description of your choices, contrast, and advice. Just like when purchasing a cell phone, you will need somebody who will explain to you how it differs from other manufacturers and features.

In this guide, I can help you understand link building and content advertising. What are?

Link building submitcore

Link construction and Content Marketing

Link building submitcore is just the process of getting links to your sites (or what we call inbound links or backlinks) from other places. You could do it through site forum posting, guest commenting, and link exchange. There are many ways! When done is that it will bring you to the top of search results for keywords, and what is so good about this strategy.

Content advertising, on the other hand, is a marketing technique of producing and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract and develop a defined audience — with the aim of driving profitable customer actions. You are doing content marketing when you are focused on producing content like blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, slide decks papers — and your goal is to determine usefulness, value, and importance.

The three necessary things you need to consider before planning out plans

1. Goals

If you’ve got short-term goals in your mind, I would say Link building submitcore is the best one for you. Here is the sort of strategy that will work correctly as it will work but not the same as now functions now, or might not work later on.

But if you’ve got long-term targets, then content promotion is the way to go. It’s the strategy that will work even years from now, nor will you be able to do everything although you won’t ever see the results of your efforts in a blink of an eye.

2. Time and resources

If you are concerned about outcomes, and you do not have enough time to do a great deal of conceptualizing, writing, shooting videos, recording podcasts and all sorts of articles, then build links.

On the other hand, if you feel as though you have all of the time and resources on the planet, then invest in content marketing.
I am not saying that you will have an immediate result when you link-build and wait years if you are doing content advertising. They both will result in something; it is just that link building is not then the process of content promotion.

3. Team

Ask yourself, “If I do content promotion, will I be able to sustain it? Can I have enough team members to perform all these?”
These are the type of questions which challenge and at the same time inspire me. Because I know that it’s only going to drain my juices since I do not have a team, I ca transition to articles marketing.

But those inspire me to start I have, and to create plans. Like the fact all I need, and I can do roundups are queries, the courage and email addresses of business experts.
Tips: Start with the resources you have at this time. That’s also a fantastic way to transition from one approach to another. You don’t need to change.

But if you are seriously planning to perform content marketing, then it is essential to invest in people. Then go for it, if you think link building is for you and try to spend more.

Link building submitcore


Our key to the achievement of SEO-Hacker is that we do both link building and content advertising. We believe in the power of constructing links — that is the reason we are PR 4, and we believe in the power of articles advertising. We are publishing articles in a while, we are uploading content in SEO Hacker School, and we are uploading slide decks. We created an ebook and much more which make us more relevant to men and women.

Truth is these two approaches can work hand-in-hand; actually, they should. There will be times when you are doing link building and chose to proceed to articles vice versa, and promotion. And that is fine.

Afford the time to think what you want to accomplish, and how long you are willing to invest. List your target market, your resources, and your objectives down, and you will see that it’s a lot easier to choose between two approaches when you are finished, or you’ll realize that you can do both.

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