Private Investigator Surveillance Tricks and Techniques

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Surveillance is an art an investigator masters through trial and error from years of expertise. Surveillance may seem easy. Nevertheless, many challenges meet with the most seasoned investigator. Following are a few of the Private Investigator Surveillance Hints and Techniques shared by

1) Minivans are best for Surveillance. Get a glass that is tinted to sit in the back, almost undetected, most everywhere. I enjoy the old vans, such as the Caravans, as they’re more nimble and blend in better (they are everywhere) than newer ones. You will never return to an automobile when you have worked from a van.

2) Stay on the automobile ‘s fender when trailing in the city, and let an automobile between you as a buffer in lower regions. There are many stoplights, stop signs and traffic in the city, which makes it easy lose the tail.

3) Lack of due on a vehicle during morning hours could suggest that night, and it was moved.

4) Confirm address by studying the mailbox for a name or glancing at the post if it is sticking out.

5) Ascertain whether the dwelling is a single or multi-family dwelling by counting of electric meters.

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6) While tailing someone, you see the man ceasing i.e. in front of a house- you (as cover) continue the past, turn into an empty drive as if you go there. Do not lose sight of the man.

7) Take thorough notes via pencil & paper or voice recorder. Write date/times, make & plate of any vehicles there, anyone showing up, any vehicle motion, etc. Great notes are critical for the report you give to the customer as well as for yourself. You, as a private investigator, could be requested to testify, so precision is crucial.

8) Correctly estimating the stature of an individual may be hard (that is why those stature graphs are on doors of convenience stores). You will get a great notion by comparing the person ‘s stature to that of any vehicle they get into or out of. This can become easier with practice.

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9) When running video, there will be tonnes of stops beginning of the camera – create clear edges between clips by putting a hand over the camera at the end of every section. Make certain time & date stamp appears on tape (placing on camera). Aways get a panoramic video shot for video confirmation of vehicle and place the individual was there.

10) Stakeouts can run several hours and happen in non-ideal scenarios, i.e.,.No convenience store nearby, so keep a roll of toilet paper in your vehicle at all times.

Surveillance entails hours of nothing followed by minutes or seconds of extreme delight. Make those little packages of delight pay off nicely by following appropriate fact-finding techniques.