Thinking to buy kitchen knives set just check this out before buying them.

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Here are some important things to be considered from budget and usage to material of the blades.

A chef’s set of professional blades will cost you around hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. The reason behind this is they are made up of highest quality carbon steel, and they are well weighted, very sharp. Indeed, not everyone can manage to buy such an expensive knives set, but it doesn’t mean that you have to surrender yourself to the budget and have a knife with plastic handles from your local department store.


Here, we have gathered a list of best kitchen knife brands sets to suit a range of budgets, whatever your needs are.



1) Jamie Oliver Professional Quality Knife Block Set:

Many of the professional chef’s have recommended this knife set as it is a perfect blend of a paring, utility, chef’s, carving and bread knife. This knife set is made up of embossing the blade type onto each of this five pieces stainless steel configured to avoid confusion which will help to keep each knife in the best condition, as you will know which one to use for each task. Jamie Oliver’s is the best kitchen knives set for beginners who don’t want to spend more on purchasing knives.



2) Robert Welch Signature Knife Block with Sharpener:

These Blades are made from hands stainless steel which includes vegetable, utility, kitchen, cook’s, carving and bread knives as well as a pair of kitchen scissors. To maintain your Knifes set in the best condition you can also use the integrated built-in sharpener that is recommended for use little and often.



3) Taylors Eye Witness Dexterity Coloured Knife Set:

This kitchen knife set is a colorful and best kitchen knives set if your budget is tight as it gets the job done and also looks great as well. Blades of this set is also made up of stainless steel with a non-stick plastic coating so that they glide more smoothly through tough foods such as root vegetables.


4) Global NI 6 Piece Knife Block Set:

Global Knifes are known by their name only. Global knives are renowned for being some of the best in the world. Every Knife of this set is made by hand in Japan from a seamlessly forged piece of carbon steel which means that there’s no way for food to get stuck and cause harmful bacteria. Now if you talk about the weight of the Knives, they’ll give you an entirely weighted feel as handles are hollow and filled with sand. You need to clean carefully by your hand after each use to maintain it in the best condition. But be careful as it