Top 10 PC Games Of All Time

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PC has always been called the king of gambling, and despite the substantial rise of consoles, gaming on a computer remains a benchmark in itself as it comes to extreme high-end gaming.
Console gaming is on its mountain with the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being available to hardcore players. For the first time, full resolution gambling is being touched by consoles. But that’s been possible on PCs for a while now. At details, consoles are unable to push at frame rates that are high as the PCs do.

No matter like it is here to stay. We provide you the ten revolutionary and most excellent PC games of all time which took gaming and redefined.

1. Counter-Strike

A perilously addictive multiplayer game, this one requires no introduction.

2. Quake 3

The best deathmatch experience. Need we say more?

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3. DotA 2

This is a contentious one (LoL fans will skewer us), but DotA two is the defining game of the MOBA display much loved by everybody.

4. NFS: Porsche Unleashed

There are racing games, and then there is NFS. The best game in the franchise must be Porsche Unleashed.

5. World of Tanks

Who’d have thought that a game of lumbering steel beasts could be this much fun? The match is free of charge to top it off. Play it now!

6. Homeworld: Cataclysm

The ideal distance RTS by far, Cataclysm is one of those few games that had it all. A storyline, graphics and exceptional combat.

7. Mafia

The only game that could recreate the air of the 1930s mafia families, this game is just as much a window into the past because it’s an excellent game.

8. Borderlands 2

Yee-haw and all that old boy. A sport where vault hunters and cowboys and everything collides.

9. Dark Souls

After this game sucks you in it won’t let go, and you won’t need it to. Dubbed by numerous as the hardest action- RPG in the world,” this is one game you do not want to miss.

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10. FIFA

This game is like old wine, delicious aged wine. A game which matures with the passage of time and one that remains the best soccer game on the planet.

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