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Canvas can mean various things to different individuals. In the context of painting, the term ‘canvas’ means fabric. The difference is that the canvas is made of times and cotton fibers from linen fibers. Each material is well worth looking at in more detail.


Cotton is a soft fiber that grows in a protective or ball capsule. The plant is native to Africa, the Americas, and India and is spun into ribbon or yarn to make a soft cloth – the odds are you’re currently wearing some cotton at the moment.

Cotton as an artist’s advantage is it stretches and that it’s affordable. A cotton canvas that is prepared is the surface for acrylic and oil painting and will last quite a long time for students, though it’s considered flexible for cheap canvas art. It’s categorized according to surface texture and its weight.

Cotton comes out on top when it comes to tightness. It’s likely without straining the support around the canvas, to stretch cotton tighter, and cotton can compensate for its lack of weight and strength.

What is a Giclée?

Giclée (“zhee-clay”) is a French phrase meaning “that which is sprayed or squirted.” A format printer sprays on many drops of ink per inch on paper or canvas. Printing produces high-quality images that are large with crisp contrasts, velvety colors, and information.

  • This method of printing is used using inks.
  • Artists and photographers can create artwork on-demand.
  • High-resolution images could be replicated in a variety of sizes (up to 54″ in diameter) and on various mediums.


Textured Laminate

Laminate is a fine art paper print and hand applies an on top of the picture. The gel coat is a finish that’s used enhance the colors, and to protects the artwork. It’s easy to clean, using a feather duster or cloth.

Cotton Canvas

Printapic provides affordable canvas prints, quality and canvas printing for photography, fine art and interior decorating. Our North American made by offering the picture quality for your imagination the most demanding professional and consumer will satisfy. Our canvas is stretchable, created for printers. The canvas provides a smooth and consistent printing surface which allows for blacks and a remarkably broad color gamut.


Features & Advantages of Canvas

  • Heavyweight Excellent canvas North American made (up to 54″ width almost any length)
  • Semi-Gloss coating to offer protection against scuffs, moisture, and ultraviolet rays.
  • Hand stretched for readily or framing ready to hang rolled.
  • Premium quality North American wood stretcher bars.
  • resolution and Outstanding color gamut.
  • No reflection.
  • Lightweight (perfect for areas with high ceilings).
  • Low maintenance.
  • Take feel and a look of original art.
  • Comes with hanging hardware — ready to hang.