What do you mean by Rope Access?

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The Rope access referred to a set of methods where cables and specific tools can use as the initial means of granting access and support to workers. A dual rope system is applied the moving rope helps the operator, and the protection rope provides the backup for drop protection.

With the proper handling of rope techniques worker can do the job easily it is more convenient than using a ladder. In spite of that high rise building use only rope access for cleaning the windows and roofs maintenance also use cables for doing their work.

Why do we need to apply for rope access?

The Advanced rope access tools, procedures, and training can be connected to produce an unusually safe and versatile, efficient, with the cost-effective way to determine vertical access difficulties. By using rope access, you can work on the areas or the places which are not possible by other means.

Rope access


The Rope access is secured. Certified rope-access professionals support an excellent safety record including few lost time conflicts while working on the cable.

Rope access can accomplish. Professionals can utilise the techniques in a wide range of variety for environments, with confined-space to massive concrete structures too complicated steel foundations. Unlike different traditional access methods also custom rope-access solutions can be well designed for the purpose to fit various requests fast and cheaply.

The Rope access is useful. Systems are established and disassembled immediately and frequently need less space like employees than other traditional access systems. Accelerated deployment deadlines interruption to facility services by minimising downtime. This procedure requires less time to install, and it is more convenient to workers who are working on the top of the building.

Rope access is reasonable. It requires less space as compared to traditional method and it is faster in completion. It will need Less equipment with minimum downtime expect lower prices.

Who are the experts that use rope access for respective works of them?

  • Civil, geotechnical engineers, and structural
  • High-rise window cleaners
  • Services and maintenance workers
  • Building workers and artists
  • theatrical set personal and Motion picture
  • Tower installers
  • roof support professionals

Also used for pressure cleaning at high rise windows cleaning and concrete repairs. In addition to that rope access is most trusted equipment world wide and hence use by many professional, engineers and technicians.

Here are Some of the standards of basic rope access requests

  1. Architectural inspections and nondestructive examination
  2. Concrete repair
  3. surface preparation
  4. Sand blasting and pressure washing
  5. anchoring and rock scaling
  6. Instrument installation
  7. Sealant installation
  8. Painting
  9. Set installation
  10. Picture-taking and cinematography
  11. Geological surveys

Rope access